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Softform Lighting

The intersection of lighting and biophilic design

SoftForm Lighting is a company at the intersection of lighting and biophilic design. Our light forms are different from other commercially available lighting products. We use fabric as the LED diffusion medium. Fabric diffusion allows for the implementation of the biophilic design element of soft, diffuse, visually comfortable light much like you would experience outside, in the shade of a tree. Our highly diffuse ambient lighting can also help those designers, working to attain a Well Building Certification, to achieve circadian stimulation thresholds.

SoftForm Lighting’s fabric LED diffusion material enables the printing of graphic images. Print, in turn, allows the designer to introduce visually pleasing backlit graphic elements into any space. Additionally, printing can facilitate the introduction of additional biophilic design elements like analogous references and repeating biomorphic forms. Backlit elements are also useful for identity graphics like logos and wayfinding signage. For more information about biophilic design go to our biophilic design principles page.

Finally, fabric provides sound attention properties to all of our light forms. With an NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) of 0.25, SoftForm Lighting light forms are ideal for those areas where sound attenuating acoustical properties are important.


Cedar Park, TX